GPS Waypoints

We've been asked many times about GPS waypoints. We collect data from maps, aerial photographs, and (most importantly) by setting or checking GPS waypoints on the river. We've elected to make our files available to the public at no charge, but we do have a few...

...Terms and Conditions:

Our GPS waypoint files are offered for downloading and use at no charge. The files are offered as-is, and no guarantee or warranty is made regarding their completeness, accuracy, or suitability for any use. These files are copyrighted. By downloading any of these files, you agree:

  • not to copy or distribute the files in any way,
  • to assume all responsibility and liability for the use of the files,
  • whitewater boating is an inherently dangerous activity that occasionally results in injury or death, and you will hold the RiverMaps & publisher harmless from any liability arising from use of these files, and
  • GPS receivers can often be inaccurate in river canyons due to interference from geograhic features and vegetation, and use of a map to verify one's location is recommended.

    I Agree

    I Do Not Agree