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"We just got back from a Grand Canyon trip 2 weeks ago. We totally abused our Whitis/Martin Guide. It stayed out all day, all night, was wind blown, sand blasted, stepped on and wet for 18 days. It came through amazingly well. Our notes written with a not-so permanent, permanent marker washed off, but all pages on the book are intact. It got packed wet for the trip home, and a few days later we layed the book on a table periodically turning each page to air dry and blow the grit off. No stuck pages, the book still looks almost new and is ready for another trip. In addition to being durable, a well laid out river guide!"

News for Summer 2019

We frequently get inquiries about a guidebook for the Dolores River. We have been working with the Dolores River Boating Advocates on a guidebook that willl be published by DRBA and marketed with our assistance. They are soliciting donations to fund publication, and they are also selling a PDF version of their interim booklet on their website. You can find it here.

We have a new guidebook for the Arkansas River in Colorado! The book covers just over 117 miles of river from Hayden Meadows near Leadville to Cañon City. This includes Pine Creek Raid, the Numbers, the Fractions, Browns Canyon, the Royal Gorge and all points in between.

Check out our coffee cup! If you are like us, you spend more days in the office than you do on the river. That means you probably spend a lot of time with a hot beverage nearby or in your hand. When we decided it was time to come up with some promotional swag, we thought “what better way to put our name in front of folks than with a cup to hold that hot beverage!” But not any cheap cup would do. We didn’t want just a really good cup, no, we wanted a great cup! A cup that would hold almost a pint of that hot beverage. A cup that had great graphics that reflect what we do. A cup that was made in the US of A.

Got a great photo that you think should be published for one of the rivers we cover? Send us an email at the contact link below. You'll get credit for the photo and a free copy of the book if we use your photograph.


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